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SÄKAPHEN Lining and Coating of Tube Bundles

Tube-Side Lining and Shell-Side Coating of various Heat Exchangers for Significant Performance Improvement and Corrosion Protection

To support refineries and other chemical and petrochemical facilities in improving operating margins, we offer SÄKAPHEN technology for lining and coating of tube bundles, for maximum long-term performance, without compromising cost effectiveness. Depending on service conditions and maintenance, a life expectancy of over 30 years can be found.

As an example, refineries must process crudes of varying qualities (Opportunity Crudes). This requires advanced CDU / VDU design of heat exchangers to avoid fouling, incrustation and corrosion caused by hostile materials, e.g. Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), which causes a rapid drop in performance and increases maintenance costs.

The majority of our products contain hydrophobic surface properties that reduce incrustation and fouling, consequently lowering the pressure drop of heat exchangers and improves flow inside the tubes. By lining, not only are operational costs of energy, e.g. water pumps, cleaning and so forth reduced, but also the loss of performance due to a more flow and constant heat exchange coefficient is decreased. The effect of our baked linings on the heat transfer rate (W/mK) is minimal and becomes insignificant when compared to the severe negative impact of incrustation and fouling on heat transfer.

The combined heat transfer rate of carbon steel with SAKAPHEN applied is higher than most alloys such as stainless steel, hastelloy or others, an improved heat exchange coefficient is ensured, providing higher process efficiency, longer service life and allows for a smaller exchange area.

An additional benefit of protecting tube bundles with the SÄKAPHEN range of linings and coatings is the use of cost efficient base materials, such as carbon steel.

Consequently, the use of SÄKAPHEN for tubeside and / or shellside protection of Tube Bundles, Shell and Tube as well as U Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers, not only reduces CAPEX but also the carbon footprint.

SÄKAPHEN corrosion protection can also be applied to associated Inlet and Outlet Waterboxes, Channel Covers, Floating Heads, the Heat Exchanger Shell itself and any connecting Pipework.

Further typical applications

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