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SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750

Cleaning, Sealing and Protection of High Voltage Insulators

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 is formulated and designed for the protection of High Voltage Insulators against electrical flash-over caused by the combination of dust and moisture within the atmosphere, by forming a hydrophobic layer to seal the surface, this protective film does not dry out and is also UV resistant.

With SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 maintenance cycles are extended and costly downtimes are significantly reduced. Furthermore, it is suitable for cleaning and sealing heavily soiled, smooth and scratch resistant surfaces in one single cleaning pass, simply apply with cloth and polish – done! Cleaning, Sealing and Protection, a simple 3-in-1 function.

Improves the surface resistance

In areas liable to high humidity or air pollution (from dust, pollen or any other sources) additional protection from SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 is recommended. By applying SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 in combination with SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 significantly reduces the permittivity of the insulator surface and notably improves the surface resistance. Furthermore, SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 removes unavoidable paint splatter from the insulator surface caused from painting power poles and other equipment in vicinity of insulators.

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 is solvent free, dermatologically tested and contains physiologically safe abrasives, oils and greases. The product is non-hazardous, no special equipment or extensive Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is needed during the application process.

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 is in accordance with regulations:

  • Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH)

  • Guide line 67/548/EWG -Hazardous Components

  • Guideline 1999/45/EG – Hazardous Preparation

  • Addendum I of guideline 76/69 EWG Component Limitation & Technical Guideline for Hazardous Goods

  • Technical Guide line for hazardous goods TRGS 200, 220 - Classification, Identification of Goods, Preparation & Products and Safety Data Sheet

Filling weight: 750g

SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 is primarily used for cleaning of high voltage insulators. Additionally, SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750 can be used for cleaning and maintenance of various metal surfaces, in particular stainless steel and brass. Important note: Surfaces to be treated shall not be polished to avoid visual imperfection after treatment with SAEKA-Cleaning Paste 80.750.

Cleaning, Sealing and Protection, a simple 3-in-1 function.

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