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SÄKAPHEN Coating of Spill Boxes

Complementary Asset Protection

Under certain circumstances the internal lining of ISO Tank Containers or Road Tank Barrels is not required as the use of an inert gas prevents any corrosive attack of the substrate. However the outer Spill Box surfaces remain exposed and susceptible to attack if spillages occur.

SÄKAPHEN offers the service of coating the Spill Boxes with one of the heat cured or cold cured products from the SÄKAPHEN range which includes Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics alongside Cold Cured Epoxies, Novolac Vinyl Esters and Epoxy Vinyl Ester. Polymerizing the baked coatings has no effect on the insulation or cladding.

A benefit of applying a cold cured product is improved protection against mechanical damage during loading or discharge and the peace of mind that these areas are easily repairable with products from the SÄKAPHEN “/RE” range. In case of ISO Tank Containers used in a high temperature environment, other tailormade solutions may include a system of baked phenolic linings with UV resistant silicone based topcoat.

Typical applications

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