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SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System for High Voltage Insulators

3-in-1 Insulator Maintenance: Cleaning - Sealing - Protecting

SÄKAPHEN’s historic detailed attention to world leading formulations and product development led to SÄKAPHEN being commissioned to develop a truly effective cleaning system for high voltage insulators, extensive R&D resulted in the SÄKAPHEN Cleaning System. Necessity for workplace safety in many industrial fields led to higher numbers of maintenance cycles to limit down times. This is where SÄKAPHEN provides significant value to the industry.

Reliability is an essential factor within modern industry, particularly in the context of reducing damage-related downtime. The SÄKAPHEN Cleaning System contributes significantly to warranting reliability and safety in each specific industry application.

The SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System fights the threat of heavily soiled functional equipment and machinery in many industries by providing a fully functioning sealed surface to ensure simple re-cleaning and therefore minimizing down times.

The SÄKAPHEN Cleaning System consists of two different types of SAEKA-Cleaning Paste and the SAEKA-Silicone Grease, administered in Power Plants, Electrical Substations, Public Utilities and Railways and a multitude of other industries. Specially developed to successfully protect Ceramic, Glass or Plastic Insulators. This also includes silicone insulators. The individual components within the SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System are non-toxic, safe to handle and easy to use.

Thus the SÄKAPHEN-Cleaning System for high voltage insulators is not only the leading cleaning solution of choice, but also specified and recommended around the globe by manufacturers and users alike.

How it works

SAEKA-Cleaning Pastes are solvent free, dermatologically tested and contains physiologically safe abrasives, oils and greases. This complex blend of oils firstly penetrates the layers of dirt, the abrasives scrub and pick up the dirt and finally the blend of greases will form a thin sealing layer offering long term protection.

In areas liable to high humidity or air pollution additional protection from SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 is recommended. SAEKA-Silicone Grease 81.750 is solvent free, and contains physiologically harmless greases. 

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