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SÄKAPHEN Repair Material

Technical Solutions for Localised Repair of Heat Cured and Cold Cured Linings and Coatings

SÄKAPHEN have been setting the standards in the field of corrosion protection since 1954 offering nearly 70 years of experience as a leading manufacturer and applicator of high quality linings and coatings, protecting critical assets in need of safeguarding in aggressive environments.

Occasionally plant and equipment may receive mechanical damage during maintenance outages or modifications to the plant or equipment are required and the original lining or coating is damaged and requires local repair. Do not worry there is a solution!

For heat cured baked phenolics and epoxy-phenolics we offer two technical solutions; equipment can either be sent back to the workshop of an authorized SÄKAPHEN applicator for repair with the original SÄKAPHEN heat cured material or alternatively we offer a wide range of two-pack cold cure repair solutions branded as “/RE”.

Furthermore, all SÄKAPHEN cold cured linings and coatings are available in kit sizes as small as 1kg for repair purposes.

SÄKAPHEN Repair Material is available for

Heat Cured and Cold Cured Coatings and Linings

Heat Cured Repair Materials

Two-Pack Repair Materials for SÄKAPHEN Heat Cured Phenolic and Epoxy-Phenolic Linings and Coatings

Cold Cured Repair Material

Mix - Apply - Done! The Simple SÄKAPHEN Repair Solution

Feel free to contact us for technical advice.

For any specific chemical resistances, fields of use, technical questions or other lining and coating queries, please feel free to contact us for technical advice.

Tel.: +49 20439470 or Email: info[at]

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