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SÄKAPHEN Lining of ISO Tank Containers and Road Tanker Barrels

Lining of ISO Tank Containers and Road Tanker Barrels for Resistance to over 2,000 Products

SÄKAPHEN offers internal linings of both non-insulated and insulated ISO Tanks Containers and Road Tanker Barrels specifying high-end lining solutions from our expansive range of products, including Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics alongside Cold Cured Epoxies, Novolac Vinyl Esters and Epoxy Vinyl Ester.

Numerous configurations can be lined including ISO Tank Containers, Road Tanker Barrels that have internal baffles and also associated equipment such as dip leg syphon tubes, flanges and man lids, ingenious heat cure techniques ensure insulated ISO Tank Containers can be lined, including ISO Tank Container re-lining with no adverse effect on the existing insulation.

SÄKAPHEN Linings can be applied to Tank Containers of all sizes ranging from a single cubic metre to 100 cubic metres with or without baffles or division plates.

Following technical consultation in order to select the optimal lining, the internal surfaces or surfaces in contact with the product of the ISO Tank Container or Road Tanker Barrel are grit blasted to ensure optimum surface cleanliness and may include removal of an old or existing lining. Once satisfactory cleanliness has been achieved the lining process commences, consists of multiple coats until the desired dry film thickness (DFT) is obtained and in the case of heat cured, this will also involve heat curing between coats to part polymerize the resin. Once the target DFT is achieved the lining is subjected to holiday / spark testing to identify any defects and if found, made good prior to final heat cure and completion of the lining process.

SÄKAPHEN in company with our global network of partners, collectively present you with decades of bespoke experience and proficiency, guaranteeing dependable asset protection with over 2,000 positively tested media.

Benefit from the use of SÄKAPHEN linings:

Warranting exceptional chemical resistance against acidic and alkali media, including chlorinated hydrocarbons and at fluctuating temperatures. Our linings repel contamination of the surface, permitting optimum use of your asset and enhancing value.

Additionally and if required at the conclusion of a specific lease, the lining can be stripped by abrasive blasting for alternative use.

Typical applications

Feel free to contact us for technical advice.

For any specific chemical resistances, fields of use, technical questions or other lining and coating queries, please feel free to contact us for technical advice.

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