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TC Lining

Phenolic-Based Heat Cured Hydrophobic Lining offering Three-Dimesional Cross Linking and certified by Bureau Veritas for Highly Acidic to Weak Alkali Media. Red, Satin Finish

SÄKAPHEN TC-Lining is a high-quality heat cured hydrophobic single-component high build phenolic based lining system, consisting of a Base and Top Coat (Grund & Deck). Formulated on a modification of thermoset polymers with a close-meshed bond of the macromolecule. This three-dimensional chemical bonding of the resin, the TC-Lining is highly cross-linked after thermal polymerization (heat cure). The combination of various fillers and pigments in differing compositions, offers exceptional lining properties. TC-Lining is self-priming and formulated for direct to metal application.

TC-Lining is chemically resistant to a range of strongly acidic to weakly alkali mediums, aliphatic and aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons, as well as organic and inorganic salt solutions - certified by Bureau Veritas. In addition the lining is also resistant to temperature fluctuations.

The lining film is hard elastic and contains exceptional hydrophobic properties. With a relative high dry film thickness of up to 400 microns, the lining offers long-lasting protection against abrasion, caking and incrustation. Furthermore, once polymerized the lining is fully machinable.

For the lining of various Transportation and Storage Containers, ISO Tank Containers, Process Vessels and Pipework.

Product nameUnitSÄKAPHEN® TC Lining Deck  
 Properties-Heat Cured Duroplast Coating  
 Resin base-Duroplastic resin blend  
 Field of Application-400 micron DFT, high build coating system for the coating of various transportation and storage containers, in particular ISO tank containers, but also process vessels, pipework and impellers.  
 Cure Mechanism-Heat cured  
 Quantity of components-1  
 Color-Red (Top coat)  
 Surface-Satin finished  
 General chemical resistance (All resistances have to be inquired separately!)-Chemically resistant to various strongly acidic to weakly alkaline media, aliphatic and aromatic chlorinated hydrocarbons, as well as organic and inorganic salt solutions - certified by Bureau Veritas  
 pH RangepH1 - 13  
 Wet Film Thickness per layerµm100  
 Total dry film thicknessµm350--400  
 Coverageapprox. kg/m²/DFT0,5 kg / m² / 150µm  
 Surface PreparationSaTop coat to be applied on SÄKAPHEN® TC Lining  
 Surface ProfileµmTop coat to be applied on SÄKAPHEN® TC Lining  
 Temperature resistance dry
(dry air oven)
°C-20°C to +180°C/200°C  
 Temperature resistance wet (water)°C-20°C to +180°C/200°C  
 Resistance to water vapor diffusion°C≤ ∆T 30°C  
 Overcoating Waiting Timehours/23°Cno limitations  
 Chemical Curingdaysafter final bake  
 Linear Thermal Expansionµmn/a  
 Pore testingVolts67,5  
 Pendulum hardness acc. to König6° sec195  
 Shore D HardnessShore D93  
 Adhesion TestN/mm² [MPa]> 30  
 Salt spray testhoursn/a  
 Impact Strengthmm (1 kg)> 1000  
 Surface smoothness (Ra)µm
Ø 3 readings
 Surface tensionmN/m<28  
 Taber Abrasion resistance, CS17 wheel, 1kgmg/1000 r.14  
 Crosscutclass1 for base coat, 0 for top coat (DIN EN ISO 2409)  
 Heat conductivity
Ø 12,7x2,0mm on C-Steel with 67,37 w/mK

Complex and finely tuned resin mixtures of epoxy-phenol hybrid systems and pure phenolic resins result in improvement of chemical resistance within changing environments.

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