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SÄKAPHEN Lining and Coating of Chemical Cracking Towers and Columns and Associated Components

Avoiding Corrosion and Incrustation in Fractional Distillation

Chemical Cracking Towers and Columns are the most commonly used equipment in the separation of chemicals in refining and petrochemical processing, dependant on the process media the potential for corrosion and incrustation remains. Lining the internal surface of the Tower or Column with SÄKAPHEN has over the years been proven to protect the surfaces from chemical attack, whilst limiting incrustation.

SÄKAPHEN linings have shown their outstanding and often unrivalled performance in many areas, including those in certain parts of crude oil fractional distillation. In particular crude oil overhead condensers are immensely critical to the distillation process and the quality of the various products. Being exposed to fractions of crude oil of various qualities on the shell side and to sea / river or conditioned cooling water on the tube side, this type of equipment is exposed to multiple chemical process attacks.

Facing the chemical attacks from acids, chlorides, sulfides and carbon dioxide (CO2) mostly in aqueous solutions as much as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), naphtha and other chemicals, the Heat Cured Phenolics / Epoxy-Phenolics alongside, Novolac Vinyl Esters and Epoxy Vinyl Ester can guarantee the process remains stable and reliable.

This not only applies to the Chemical Cracking Tower or Column but also the wide ranging of equipment inside the Tower or Column, including associated equipment in the process train, such as spray distributors or heat exchangers.

Other than plastic made build in parts, SÄKAPHEN lined or coated metal parts are not affected in their load capacity under influence of temperature, in particular when the operational conditions are above 100°C.

Further typical applications

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