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SÄKAFLAKE 900 White 3K: An unrivalled lining in high-pressure conditions

SÄKAFLAKE 900 White 3K

In critical facilities, sudden changes in pressure can be extremely dangerous for people and cause irreparable damage to structures. That is why the rapid decompression test is crucial to ensure that all the components of a plant can withstand such rapid fluctuations in surrounding pressure. Simulating an emergency in a controlled environment, this test scenario also offers a chance to check the performance of the coating systems applied to these elements, since high pressure can clearly put a high strain on them as well.

A test passed with flying colors: Application in an underground gas storage facility

In Western Europe, an underground natural gas storage facility with outstanding storage capacity that is key to a sustainable and secure energy supply chose SÄKAPHEN as its corrosion protection partner.

Here, a rapid decompression test carried out for test purposes was also a good opportunity to check the performance of SÄKAPHEN’s SÄKAFLAKE 900 White 3K, applied on the surfaces of a gas/water separator to safeguard them against corrosion attacks. The test media used was sour gas (methane, ethane, propane, and minor quantities of hydrogen sulfide) with a salt-water phase and a corrosion inhibitor. Specifically, the inspection was carried out on some test spools: these were filled with the medium and subjected to a 100-bar pressure (with gas from the storage), maintained for 2 weeks and then suddenly released in just 4 minutes down to 1 bar. The complete cycle was repeated 4 times.

What about the lining? After 8 weeks of exposure to sour gas and water, withstanding a pressure of 100 bars and 4 quick pressure drops, it still appeared in excellent conditions.

That provided further proof that SÄKAFLAKE 900 White 3K can truly make a difference in similar contexts. This multi-component Novolac vinyl ester resin guarantees a long service life and it is highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals, temperature fluctuations, water vapor diffusion (ΔT 85 °C) and of course high pressure. It belongs to our family of Novolac vinyl ester resins, conceived to apply heavy-duty coatings and linings on carbon steel, exotic alloy and concrete substrates used in the most diverse types of plant and equipment, such as vessels, tanks, silos, pipes and spools, channels, covers, water boxes and rotating equipment operating in corrosive and aggressive environments.

Whatever the protection requirement, SÄKAPHEN has the right solution.