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SÄKAPHEN and Donelli strengthen their partnership to serve the French market

Säkaphen in the French market

SÄKAPHEN GmbH (Gladbeck, Germany) and its long-standing partner Donelli Alexo Srl (Voghera, Italy) have recently strengthened their collaboration to better serve the French market.

A solid company with over 280 employees and a 2022 turnover of EUR 45 million, Donelli Alexo operates in various industrial sectors, including corrosion protection, surface treatments, passive fire protection, and industrial maintenance. It has been cooperating with SÄKAPHEN for over 20 years as both an authorized applicator of our coatings and a distributor of our cleaning pastes. Together, we’ve been serving the Italian market with dedication—some examples of projects completed jointly can be found in a couple of previous blog posts:

Enhanced Heat Conductivity and Tube Sheet Protection - SÄKAPHEN Si 570 AR and SÄKATONIT K80 LS

Combined application for tube side lining and shell side coating of heat exchangers in crude oil service - SÄKAPHEN Si 14 E and Si 14 EG

The French market

In the meantime, Donelli Alexo has always maintained very close relationships with the nearby French market as well. That is why we have recently decided to further combine our expertise and strengthen our partnership by officially making it an authorized applicator of SÄKAPHEN’s coatings and linings and a distributor of SÄKAPHEN’s cleaning system for France, too.

Our solid collaboration will enable us to assist French companies in the following sectors:

  •  Heat transfer systems: the French manufacturers of heat exchangers, condensers and coolers can ask for our support in the coating and lining of their assets to prevent corrosion, protect inner and outer surfaces, lower investment costs and extend their systems’ service life.
  • Tanks, process vessels and containers: from ISO tank containers to road tanker barrels, French companies can rest assured that SÄKAPHEN’s heat-cured phenolics and epoxy-phenolics, alongside cold-cured epoxies, Novolac vinyl esters and epoxy vinyl esters can protect any surface.
  • Rotating equipment: any turbine, impeller and rotating device produced in France can benefit from the thin, uniform protective layer formed by our coatings.
  • Pipes, columns and spools: French companies operating in the petrochemical, chemical processing, power generation and waste water sectors can take advantage of our combined expertise in protecting pipework against corrosion and erosion.
  • High-voltage insulators: from the energy industry to the railway sector in France, our cleaning pastes offer several advantages by cleaning, sealing and protecting the surfaces of high-voltage insulators.

If you are a French manufacturer or applicator working in any of these sectors, we cannot wait to find out how we can support you. Get in touch today!


Bottroper Straße 275
D-45964 Gladbeck
Phone: +49 2043 947 0

Donelli Alexo Srl

Via Pacchiarotti, 8
27058 Voghera (PV)
Phone: +39 0297240792

Email: info[at]